My Life With Dogs

When I was a teenager my father took in dogs that had been used and abused by puppy mills. They were not indoor dogs. They were not socialized dogs. They were hungry, needy, dirty, desperate dogs who had never known kindness.

He built a state of the art (for the day) kennel where they could live out their lives in clean living accommodations with  fresh pure water, wholesome food, and the comfort of heated boxes in the winter and cooled areas in the summer. They were given medical care and provided with human companionship as they so desired.

Dad preferred dogs to humans because they are honest creatures with simple needs and they don’t lie – assuming you can read dog body language.

I have not always had the chance to have dogs. When I was working long hours I didn’t have a dog because I could not care for one in the way it would need to be cared for. Dogs, unlike cats, are pack animals and need their loved ones around.

After a serious accident in 2013 I could no longer work. At that time I bonded with IMG_0208McKinley, my wee little doggie (WLD) and she has become my end-of-life boon companion.

While in Mexico WLD and I met a couple of dogs in great need – one who died 😥 and one whom I kept around long enough to have rescued by a group from Ensenada.

We are back in the USA. I’ve mourned the dog (Cha-cha) who died in Baja El Norte and finally decided to foster here.

Stories  may be historical. Some will be rescue related. Some will be about WLD and me.

In most ways I’m unlike my father. In one way I am very much like him. I love dogs. I generally prefer dogs to people because dogs are exactly who they are. They have simple life rules and they are not capable of lying. And with my hearing problems I don’t have to go: Huh? What did you say? Could you repeat that? How about writing it down?

Dog is God spelled backwards.

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