Mr. Sam

Mr. Sam came into our lives last week. He was part of an effort of the SPCA to get homeless dogs to a shelter in North Texas with a high placement rate. Only the environmental controls on the large transport truck failed and all the dogs ended up in Tyler, Texas. We are town of 100,000 and SPCA foster care was stretched to the limit.

As a newly minted dog foster Mom I was asked to take Sam, who was one of the last dogs to be placed.

When I met him I knew two things: He was adorable, and he would not be the best fit. But, if he were an ideal fit then it could result in a failed foster (adoption) and that would be the end of fostering since we’d be at our doggie limit.

IMG_0254Sam is love on four legs. He is unflappable, happy, full of the joy of life, and way too much dog for an older woman and her older dog. He is a Dachsundt mix, which means he is essentially a dwarf dog – a full sized dog head, neck, and body with stubby appendages that are too short for the rest of him. He’s 30 pounds of big smiles and I love you.

Unsurprisingly, he was stressed and had anxiety related problems – diarrhea, not eating, and sneezing coupled with reverse sneezing. With all that, he was a sweet, goofy fuzzbutt with a heart of gold.

In short order a stable place to lay his head meant that his digestive problems were over. He learned how to (mostly) walk on a loose leash. He is ecstatic when meeting other dogs and people.

The saddest time was when he saw a man about five feet ten inches tall with short dark hair and a well muscled frame. Sam went haywire. He barked and whined and dragged me like a sack of flour about ten feet towards the man because he thought it was “his human.” Only it wasn’t. Poor Sam was crestfallen. Not my Dad.  Not my Dad. I wanted to weep for his broken heart.

Once Mr. Sam was loved dearly and I now know what his Dad looked like. I have to wonder what happened to separate them. Because who would want to be separated from Sam?

More about Sam later. This is a serial, not a novel.

Mr. Sam

6 thoughts on “Mr. Sam

    1. Hi Barb! Welcome aboard on the doggie express! Just tonight I started writing up intros for the new puppies at SPCA in Tyler. I was there when they were brought in. They are as big as I remember my Irish Wolfhound pup was at 7 weeks.

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    1. Hi Cupcake!

      Sam is such a good boy! You could definitely be friends. When we were at the SPCA yesterday he was comforting 7-week-old puppies who were scared and lonely. He is love on four paws.

      Sam says: Pant, pant, lick, lick, ruff – wanna chase a ball Cupcake? – ruff

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