Disability and Dogs

Sam says: My foster mother (FM) took me to the SPCA vet because she says I’m walking funny. I heard her tell the vet that if she hadn’t raised a child with a neurological disorder (what’s that?) she might not have noticed, but she said something is wrong and I need medical care. It’s only a little hitch in my get-along so I thought she was blowing it all out of proportion.

After half an hour of getting poked and prodded by the vet (who is a really wonderful guy in my eyes) he told FM that I have a neurological problem in my lower back. She was not surprised. He said it is not uncommon in dogs that are all or part Dachshund. One of the disks in my lower back is partly blown. Because FM found it really, really early I might be able to recover. Only what I need the SPCA clinic does not have.

The East Texas SPCA does a fantastic job. They do so much for homeless and needy dogs. And the people here are soooooo nice, but they don’t have physical and rehabilitative therapy. No cold laser treatments and not the medication he thinks might help. So he told FM that I can’t jump up or walk on steps. I’m on “bed rest”for three weeks and then I have to go back.

Her other concern about me was my backwards sneezing. He said I need to reduce
my stress level. FM told him I could rest or I could not be stressed, but not both because exercise is a stress reducer for me. I’m doing more backwards sneezing, so you can tell which won.

This is me resting – with my butt in the sun and my head on a box I drug over

FMs house is flat. And it is flat from the house to the car. But she has to lift me in and out of the car and with her old shoulder injury my 30 pounds is a lot for her.

I see fewer car rides in my future 😥 and that makes me sad. I’m supposed to avoid steps now, which means I can’t take the path we usually take around the complex where we live. That makes my foster sister (FS) unhappy because she has a route she likes to go on which is up and down various short stairways.

You are totally a buzzkill, bro!

I’m also not allowed to jump on or off chairs or the bed or anything else. FM got a set of doggie steps to put next to the couch – figuring it was better than jumping. I won’t use those things! What is with turning all the chairs to face the wall? And why are you trying to lift me on and off the couch? You’ll hurt yourself, silly human! And why can’t I sleep on the bed with you? What do you mean, I have to use the doggie stairs? I can just jump. See? Why am I in trouble for jumping?

My FM is trying to figure out how to get something called a ramp for the car and the house that she can afford. Because I find ways to take flying leaps she is concerned she may have to buy a big crate and crate me for the next three weeks. She says it will break her heart to do that, but she doesn’t want me to be paralyzed. I’m not sure what paralyzed is, but she gets a funny sound in her voice and her eyes get shiny when she talks about it, so I think it is not a good thing. I have to lick her to make her feel better then. So much fuss over a little hitch in my get-along.

At least my FS treats me like a normal guy. Even if I am a buzzkill.




Disability and Dogs

2 thoughts on “Disability and Dogs

  1. Crate rest is a tough nut to crack, S. But if it will help you get well, you’ll have to suck it up and do it. Mom and I will say prayers for you and your family. We will also send happy, healing thoughts your way. We know you will get better and have a long healthy life. Hang in there, buddy.

    Love and licks,

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