Dog Days of Summer

The only safe time to walk the dogs these days is before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Today’s heat index at its height was 117 degrees. Wowser. With the high humidity even walking in the shade of a building is still a potentially dangerous experience for humans, let alone critters wearing fur coats.

Sam’s coat isn’t as thick as McKinley’s. And McKinley is tricolor with mostly black on the top so she heats up faster than Sam. Often I have to drop her back at the house, much to her disgust, to walk Sam a little further to stimulate his body processes.

There is a condo cat at the complex whom Sam (of course) loves and McKinley would love if Garfield would allow it. He refuses to go indoors except in the most extreme weather. Apparently, this isn’t extreme enough for him to be wiling to go inside. I notice Garfie sometimes laps water from the saltwater pool to restore salt to his system rather than the fresh water set out for him. Mostly he lies in the cool dirt under bushes and scares the bejeebers out of the geckos. The geckos seem to be the only ones really loving the weather. And they’re flummoxed by the fresh paint on the wrought iron they usually sun on. I wonder if they can burn on that stuff?

Both of the dogs are able to go out on the enclosed porch for a few minutes at a time in the morning when the area is shadowed or in the afternoon when whenDog Day2 the solar shade is down, but it doesn’t take very long and they’re both ready to go inside. They so much want to be outside to play and enjoy themselves, but this is just plain dangerous weather for man and beast.

The last few days, even with the air conditioning on, the ceiling fans going and the shades drawn they’re not into heavy indoor play. It is, apparently, the dog days of summer. Technically the dog days (the days of Sirius rising with the sun) are supposed to be over on August 11th. We’ll see – right now it looks like more of the same weatherize.

An online acquaintance commented that she was going camping and would roast marshmallows at the campfire. I suggested she come here. She could put a marshmallow on a stick, shove it out the door and roast it that way. I don’t think she’ll take me up on that. 😉

So much for the predictions this would be a cooler than normal summer for East Texas and a warmer one for other parts of the country.


Dog Days of Summer

2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

    1. Stay safe! It’s deadly out there! 100 degrees here with no wind, high humidity, and a heat index of 113 degrees. WLD will not take sidewalk naps. She doesn’t even want to lay in the grass. We’re holding out for sunset! Sam is clueless when it comes to heat so we girls will watch out for him!


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