Meals in Foster Care

Sam says: I know that she’s my Foster Mom (FM), not my forever Mom, but I didn’t know that FMs cooked for their dogs. I was happy to get kibble and water. Heck, I was happy to have anything to eat!

Tonight she made us chilled peanut butter and flax bread made with eggs  and unflavored protein powder. FM said it was lacto-ovo- vegetarian night for us dogs. I am not sure what that means, but it was really good. She chopped it up and chilled it and then hand fed us.

We had to do a few things for her to get our dinner, but wow, it was worth it! I enjoyed doing things that made her happy and then eating the yummy food right from her hand. She taught me to sit and wait for mine while she fed my Foster Sister (FS). We had to take turns. I did not drool too much. She said I am gentle taking food and that’s a good thing. Sam is a good boy!

FM calls this dish “working for your dinner,” whatever that means. I wonder if we will get it tomorrow. I like yummy cold food in this hot weather. The ice cubes in our water is something new and kind of fun when you slurp it and your tongue touches them.

Have you ever had working for your dinner? I never knew there was such a thing. The things you learn in Foster Care.



Meals in Foster Care

2 thoughts on “Meals in Foster Care

  1. Mom LOVES that you’re having working-for-your-dinner. That is healthy and helps good behavior and respect. I only have working-for-my-treats, which is also fun and delicious. You ARE a good boy, Sam.

    Love and licks,


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