A Death in the Family Canis

While Sam, WLD, and I were out on our morning walk through the condo complex I saw that some dog had left a mess that had not been cleaned up. We have strict rules about that. I carry extra poop bags to deal with extra poop. It distracted me and WLD for a moment or three, but Sam alerted us that there was more.

I turned and looked at what he was obsessing about and there was a dead dog. It was brown, white, emaciated, and covered  in a strange fuzz. I hustled my dog kids down the walkway, stopping to tell one of my neighbors so she would not be shocked on her way to the pool.

She knew all about it. He’d been found in the swimming pool early this morning. That explained the strange fuzz. We have a salt water pool surrounded by a high wrought iron fence. I puzzled over how he fit through the bars and why he’d  drink salt water when there’s water out for Condo Cat. There are two small fountains as well that would have relatively clean water.

Another neighbor commented about how the starving dog had been hanging around for days and how he tried feeding it, but it was too frightened to come close. And how it kept looking at the pool because it was thirsty in this brutal heat. I thought: Everyone here knows what a dog nut I am. Why didn’t they tell me so I could have gotten a rescue team here? Or at least put out food and a big bowl of water.

He must have been so weak that he fell in the pool and didn’t have the strength to walk up the steps. It is heartbreaking that surrounded by so many dog lovers this dog slipped through the cracks and died.

I know I cannot save all dogs. But I might have saved that one if only I’d known.

Hugged Mr. Sam and gave him a chew toy. Hugged McKinley and gave her a chew toy. Food (check) and water (check). Two safe dogs.

A Death in the Family Canis

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