Heat and Fur Coats

Imagine yourself wrapped up in a luxurious mink coat, if you will. (Ethical vegans, bear with me.) It’s thick and so soft and satiny to the touch. Best of all, it grows out of your skin. Ahhh…

Mr. Sam and McKinley, my wee little doggie, walk in the early morning hours. I crawl out of bed shortly after dawn and we tear out into the cool of the day, such as it is. Sometimes the cool of the day is almost 80°F to begin with.

I try for a mid-morning run before the lobster pot effect sets in. But sometimes there are moments of doggie desperation and leg crossing – gotta go, gotta go, gotta go. IMG_1881Then we slip from one pool of ephemeral darkness to another.

Wee Little Doggie: What do you mean the sidewalk is too hot? I’m drowning in this grass. Have you seen how small I am, Mom? Fine! I’ll lay in the dirt! 

Sam: Grass is good! I like grass! I like dirt! I like sidewalks! I like outside!

Wee Little Doggie: You’re three times my size! Try being down here and see how how you like it when it comes up past your belly! 

The trials and tribulations of East Texas summer weather and the needs of the 10 pound part weiner dog who is overwhelmed by unshorn grass, and the 30 pound part weiner dog who acknowledges few obstacles under five feet tall.

Sam and Wee Little Doggie: Wanna walk! Throw me the ball! Outside! Outside! Why not outside? What do you mean it’s too hot? 

After the exit into the steam bath of the Texas day.

Wee Little Doggie: Oh, wait, I’m hot. I will lay in the sun. That didn’t work. I’m even hotter. Why am I so hot? Mom,  I’m panting. I need water. Can you put ice cubes in my water? What do you mean the water is inside! No, I don’t want to go in. I want to take a sun bath. I’m too hot. Why are you picking me up? 

Sam: Why can’t I go in the swimming pool? No one is there. No one will know. I can’t quite jump over the fence. Can you open the door for me? 

Wee Little Doggie: No! I don’t want to go in the pool with Sam! I don’t like water. Water means bath. Bath is bad. No pool! 

Me: We are going inside. Deal with it.

Sam: Why don’t you ever carry me like that?


Heat and Fur Coats

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