The Morning Ramble

McKinley:  It’s raining! We’re going to drown! 

Me: It’s a two-foot drizzle.

Sam: Wow! A walk! I love to walk!

McKinley: I’m getting wet!

Sam: It’s nice and cool this morning. Good walking weather! Walking is the best! 

McKinley: Sob… (shakes to rid herself of ten tiny drizzle drops) You didn’t even put on my raincoat!

Me: You hate your raincoat.

McKinley: That’s not the point! 

Sam: I think I’ll go here…. and here…. and look! There’s a place! Come on, guys! There’s a world out here!  

McKinley: You’re a barbarian! 

Sam: At the gates, baby. 

Sam the barbarian – at the gates
The Morning Ramble

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