Sam’s Search

On nice days with decent temperatures we go walk at a series of strip malls known as The Villages. Sometimes we walk through PetCo. I’ve yet to try two dogs in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but it is a dog friendly store where WLD and I routinely shop.  Mostly we park by the fountain and walk down to the playground and then back. It’s a nice stroll.

Sam enjoys car rides and time off the property as does McKinley. I like to maximize his exposure to the public just in case we find his family on our walks. You never know about these things.

Today WLD and Sam met three elementary school age children and their parents down by the playground. The kids really gravitated to Sam as he’s more outgoing and less fragile than WLD.

“May we please pet your dogs?”

“Sure. The little one is McKinley. The bigger one is Sam.”

“What kind of dogs are they?”IMG_1947

“She’s part miniature Dachshund and part Jack Russell Terrier. Sam is part standard Dachshund and we don’t know what else.”

“Is he going to get bigger?”

“Nope, he’s full grown.”

Turning over his tag that says SPCA FOSTER, the girl asked,“He’s a foster dog? Are you going to adopt him?”

“Sam’s searching for his forever family. He’s just staying with me until he finds his real home. He misses having kids around. As you can tell, he loves kids.”

“That’s so cool you’re helping him find his family! Mom! Dad! Sam’s a foster dog! He’s looking for a home. With kids!”

“He’s a good looking dog, Ma’am,” the father said. 

“He seems to have a nice personality,” added the mother. 

“He’s a cute dog. Sam’s very affectionate, loves to play, and yet he’s calm. He’s not afraid of thunder and lighting. He’s a real sweetheart. He even likes cats.” 

The kids finally went off to play. Dad asked about Sam’s name (Mr. Sam) and what animal rescue. East Texas SPCA.

One can never tell when Sam will find his forever home.

Every day he meets someone new is a day he might meet the RIGHT someone new.

Then we finished our walk. We got to the car just before a few big raindrops fell. Great timing.

Sam’s Search

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