Storm Warning

Wee Little Doggie is better than an in-home weather station. I know a storm is coming sometimes an hour before it hits.

She’d been playing her own version of “I’m walking the floor over you” (you bad storm you) for a good five minutes. There is always the possibility the storm would slide north or south. That happens. Sometimes we  have pacing, shaking and panting with no bad weather arriving.

Sam being Sam, was out on the porch enjoying the hot and humid weather. He doesn’t even pay much attention to the lawn guys using gas powered hedge trimmers or blowers. Life is too short to get stressed out if you’re Sam.

Then the thunderboomer went off right overhead. Brother, it was loud! The house shook a little. And Sam, bless his little canine heart, jumped up and looked around. What was that?

Sam is rarely concerned about weather – or much else.

At that point, I suggested he join us inside so I could shut the slider. Sam deigned to join us right about the time the clouds let loose with another enormous crack.

If McKinley could scream she’d have done so. And then the skies opened and the rain fell in almost impenetrable sheets of water.

I got so distracted by all the hubbub that I forgot I fed them dinner already and almost fed them again. Second dinner. Sort of like second breakfast for Hobbits? No second dinner after all. Sam accepted a dog cookie. McKinley can’t eat when she’s a nervous wreck so no cookie for her. She turned it down flat. She’s not a big treat eater anyway.

The storm was short but violent. Later we went for an evening walk. Sam, of course, was all for it. WLD not-so-much. There could still be noises or rain out there, after all. Deadly things.

They’re playing a little now. Sam’s a calming influence.

I’m thankful we are on higher ground. In an area not subject to flooding. I feel bad for all the animals dead, dying, or distressed in Louisiana right now. My fur kids are fine, even if the wee one is still a bit on edge.

Storm Warning

2 thoughts on “Storm Warning

    1. There have been a lot of heavy storms through here. I am thankful we are NOT on any sort of flood plain here. Not even a 1000 year flood plain. We sometimes have some runoff, but it’s nothing much. All the lakes (locally) are man-made. North of here there is sometimes minor flooding in some of the rivers, but nothing like what we see in Louisiana.

      There are presently fundraisers going on in East Texas to provide relief for the people in Louisiana – everything from diapers to tents.


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