No pull? What’s that?

We have good days and not-so-good days. Today Sam has never heard the word sit, has been yanking on the leash so much we’ve barely walked (I won’t let him drag me), and he’s darted out of the car twice without waiting for permission to exit. McKinley is irritated with him disturbing her walk routine as well as being upset by the storm systems moving through. Sam doesn’t know what her problem is about storms.

Later McKinley managed to get out and was in the parking lot by the car because she wanted to leave. She hates storms and knows cars move around. We can just go to where there is no storm, right? Since I was inside chopping vegetables she was missing a critical piece of the “let’s leave” scenario – the driver.

My neighbors brought her home. She’s grounded to the house until I can figure out how she got off the porch that is covered in chicken wire behind the hedges.

Neither of them ate well for breakfast. Sam was starving by dinner. He scarfed IMG_1955his up meal and fell asleep on the kitchen floor. McKinley is still on a hunger strike. It’s the storm.

We met Lulu today, a dog a neighbor adopted from the SPCA. She’s an Australian Blue Heeler (Cattle Dog). I’m sure all the dogs will be best pals soon.

I feel like Sam. Just finished a 2k long piece of bullying for another author’s blog.  I could do with a nice nap.


No pull? What’s that?

4 thoughts on “No pull? What’s that?

  1. Pulling the leash is naughty, S. I learned about that when I went to obedience school. Plus when Mom needed knee surgery I had to walk very slowly with her so she didn’t tip over. It cramped my style a lot, so I know how you feel. Maybe watch McKinley for hints about how to be a good boy. In the long run, it’ll make your life easier…

    Love and licks,


    1. Sam says: “Thanks Cupcake. I know it is naughty to pull. I don’t know why I do that sometimes. McKinley always does it right.” Heaves a big sigh. “I’m working on it. Foster Mom never gets mad at me, but McKinley does. I was better this morning.”

      Unfortunately, Sam is like a Sherman Tank. For a 30 pound dog he is a powerhouse and if he starts yanking hard he could pull me right over. This is one of the hardest things for him to learn. He almost has SIT down pat, but walking without pulling is his big challenge.

      Day by day. Little by little.


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