Sam the Adoptable Dog

Every day when I am out with Sam and WLD I run into people who fall in love with Sam. Tonight it was a 90-year-old woman with kidney and heart failure, “Or I would take him like this!” she said with an attempt at snapping her arthritic fingers. She’s had half a dozen doxi-mixes in her life. We are invited to visit for lots of loving any old time. We will return.

Pocket came along with his Mom and we were all amazed at how excited Pocket (who must weigh all of about three pounds) is to see Sam. He breezes right by the WLD and is simply all over Sam. Pocket’s parents love Sam. Bonnie’s Mom loves Sam. He’s the most popular dog in the complex. It used to be that WLD and Bonnie were probably the two most IMG_1972popular dogs in the complex. It is his heart – his big heart so full of love and joy. And the big dopy grin of his helps too. Plus he’s a looker! Here he is wearing his “necklace.”

We have a Condo Cat who lives outdoors because he wants to live outdoors. Sometimes I wish we could do that with Sam, but it would not be realistic. The cat does not wander. Sam would. The cat has homes to stay in whenever he wants – one or two in each building – and gets food, water, and medical care as well as tons of attention. But that would not be good enough for Sam, although Sam would probably have more than one home in every building. Because everyone loves Sam.

Sam wants his one special person. He loves men. He likes women, but he LOVES men. He loves children. He loves to run and play and be active. I want that for him. Sam deserves a loving home. He’s going to make someone very happy. We need to find them!

Where are you?


Sam the Adoptable Dog

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