Dances with Tables and Sibling

I can’t figure out how to link directly to a youtube video so here is a link of Sam and McKinley playing. Sam is the larger dog.

Sam is an opportunist when it comes to food. Most dogs are. He will actively food seek including taking things off the table without permission. It is a very good thing I permit nothing in the house in terms of comestibles that can poison a dog. He’s gotten me twice when my back was turned. The third time I caught him and interrupted the behavior. He was chastised, but not regretful for a moment.

The only way to deal with him is to keep everything potentially snack worthy completely out of range. McKinley sighs and says Sam, you’re a barbarian. IMG_1846Sam thinks she’s nuts for understanding that food not offered is not fair game.

We will keep working on the food behaviors, but either he’s been very hungry at times in his life or he’s just a snack-a-holic. He’s not food deprived now – fed twice a day. A few treats, including microwaved sweet potato chunks, during the day for good behaviors. Still food seeking even though sometimes he does not finish his pre-measured meals.

That’s life with dogs. They all have their own quirks, just like people do.

Dances with Tables and Sibling

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