A Homage to Shirley Zindler

I’ve been pondering breed definitions for Sam and McKinley. They are both mixed breed dogs.

McKinley is technically a JackHund since she’s a mix of Dachshund and Jack Russell IMG_6246Terrier. A tricolor, she is dainty. She’s got shorter than average legs for her body size, but they are slender and well formed so she doesn’t look stumpy. My wee little doggie looks a lot like a Rat Terrier and some people think she is a Corgi. That sort of mystifies me, Corgis have exceptionally short legs I’ve heard referred to “stumpers.” Maybe it’s her perky ears.

If Sam’s legs were a bit shorter I’d think he might be mostly Dachshund, but they’re too long for that. Whatever mix he is has powerful musculature and contributed to the red in his coat. People call him a “brown dog,” but to me he’s a red dog. WLD has brown in her coat and it is not red like Sam’s. Then again, I am one of those people who has spectacular color vision so maybe I see what others can’t.

I follow an author, animal control officer, animal sanctuary owner, and Facebook page owner – Shirley Zindler – of Dogwood Animal Rescue.  She has the most creative names for her beloved rescues who are either moving on to a new life or part of the sanctuary crew. I highly recommend following her FaceBook page The Secret Life of Dog Catchers if you want to experience great joy. Yes, she sometimes shares the sorrow of her job, but dedicated Malachi fans anticipate each day’s offerings with glee. Some of us could turn off the rest of our feed and be happy watching the daily exploits of the Stubbylegged Biscuithounds, Redbellied Swampmarmots, and the Fuzzytailed Woofusus, Malacahi. The photos are to die for. Yes, I’m a huge fan. Get the book, the coffee table  photo book, and watch life at the sanctuary via FB. You won’t regret any of those actions.

From Shirley I learned there are creative breed definitions for WLD and Sam. There are no fuzzy tails in evidence. Nor hairy britches like her Woofusus has in winter. WLD does have a plush coat, so perhaps she is the VelvetCoated PillowHound since she could fill the role of the Princess in the Princess and the Pea. Or perchance she is a SilkenBacked FaceLicker.

And Sam? His exceptionally powerful build and slick coat hint at a Bully breed. His IMG_1898beautiful face and soulful eyes are Dachshund modified by whatever Bully breed contributed to his color and coat. His tail has a black tip and wags easily. His paws are all Doxie and he could be a backhoe if he were a machine. He’s a goodnatured goofball who moans in delight and play. Is he a RedBacked Diggerus? SoftEyed SnackSeeker? A ThickChested SnuggleBunny?

What would you call your dog’s breed? Do you have a RedTailed SquirrelChaser ? A SlickCoated LeashPuller?

As always, Sam is looking for his forever home. A yard would be nice. A Dad would be awesome. A cat. A bird. A kid or two – absolutely wonderful options. He loves birds. He loves everyone. Sam would be an incredible therapy dog candidate. Love on four short legs, he will be your best friend for the rest of his life.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Spend some quality time with your best canine friend.


A Homage to Shirley Zindler

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