A Howling Good Time

Wolves howl, their pups bark. Dogs are neotinized wolves. Most of them bark, some howl. McKinley is a barker of the “yark, yark” variety. Sam has a basso-profundo bark. He also howls.

He howls for awhile if I leave the house without him, even if it is just to take out the trash. He howls with emergency sirens. He howls if other dogs are making a racket at night. McKinley barks. From time to time she has takes voice with Sam and sings the song of their people. They shush if told to do so. I don’t always get the full sound treatment.

They are reverting to their wolf ancestry,it seems. She’s exceedingly small img_6953 for a wolf. She continues to remain “the living end” for me. 🙂

Now they have something to howl about since Sam was seen by the vet on Friday and his lower back is much, much improved. We are happy. He’s still not supposed to IMG_1898run, jump or pull hard, but the fact that he is vastly improved tells me the lower back thing was probably acquired rather than inherent.

Now we need to find his Dad – or barring that, we need to find the new love of the rest of his life.

Sam is a very handsome boy with a wonderful personality and a great attitude towards life. He will not hunt down any fly that comes into the house – that is McKinley’s job – but he will be your best friend for life and dote on you. He will play with other dogs, cats, and he loves birds. In fact, Sam will do anything he can figure out you want from him in order to make you happy – and he will do it with a smile. He loves to walk. He would be a great hiking buddy.

Adopt Sam for a howling good time!



A Howling Good Time

2 thoughts on “A Howling Good Time

  1. Yay, Sam. I am happy your back is so much better. Being poorly isn’t any fun at all, and you are clearly a guy who LOVES fun! Best wishes in your search for a furever family. Meanwhile, you’re in good hands.

    Love and licks,


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