Adoption Events on Saturday

In towns and cities across America tomorrow there will be pet adoption events. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and probably gerbils.

If you have a place in your heart for an animal who needs a good home, I encourage you to go online, find the shelters or SPCAs in your area and go check out the animals who need a place to live. Sometimes there are adoption events at PetCo as well. There are also specific rescues including parrot or other types of bird rescue.

If you cannot afford to adopt, but can foster an animal of one kind or another, shelters are always looking for homes for short-term and long-term fostering. Sam was supposed to be a short-term foster (he got stuck here on his way to a larger placement center) and turned into a longer-term foster because I figured out his back got hurt. He’s improved enough now to go to an adoption event.

SPCA will cover vet care and give you food for your foster. So will most rescues. If you are worried you cannot adopt because of medical costs, but love animals, you could sign up to be a long-term foster. This might be ideal for an older person, although the animals you care for will change over time other than being a forever placement. You could help an animal and they could help fill an empty spot in your heart you did not know you have.

If you cannot adopt or foster, but can volunteer, shelters need people to help with the dogs and cats doing everything from cleaning to cuddling, from answering the phone to doing filing. You could walk the dog around the grounds, or if they have larger critters you might be feeding a horse. Horses, donkeys, and burros end up at rescues around the country. Think broadly.

It isn’t just Sam looking for a home.     Adopt, don’t Shop!
Adoption Events on Saturday

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