Sam’s New Trick

If I were totally deaf it would have been easier for him. I’m Hard of Hearing (HoH) so that means I get some things and miss some things.

That means Sam probably used a lot of oral means to get my attention that I missed. Just could not hear it. McKinley, on the other hand, knows that to get my attention she physically needs to get my attention. Her tiny little paws and twig-like legs are not an issue if she bounces off my leg or puts her feet up beside me on couch or chair or even if she crawls onto me to say: Pay attention to me, now!

Sam is not that kinda boy. I suspect when he wants to go out or wants somethingimg_2064
he probably whines. A lot of good that does him here. It is why I’m always eagle-eyeing him to see what’s going on with him. My obsessive watching him trying to pay attention to his needs may be why he did not pick up the fact that most of the time I cannot hear him.

Today, bless his pea-pickin’ little heart, he trotted up, bounced against my leg, walked toward the door, looked over his shoulder to see I was watching him and then sat by the door. When I didn’t get up right way he cantered over, put his paws on the side of my chair, looked into my eyes, put a paw on my leg, then cantered back over to the door, looking over at me again.

Good boy Sam! Sam got an unscheduled walk. Yea, Sam!



Sam’s New Trick

2 thoughts on “Sam’s New Trick

  1. What a smart little communicator. If Mom doesn’t take me out, I would just sit around and bust a gut waiting. I am not a communicator. I just go with the flow…..

    Love and licks,


    1. Hi Cupcake, you and McKinley have elimination systems of iron. Not poor Sam. I think he used to be an outside dog and he can have accidents. He has not had many, but then he’s a wreck about them. I’m really happy he learned this coping technique.

      I hope you and Mom have a wonderful Saturday with good walks!


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