Not Adopted (sad face)

The first time Sam went to an adoption event was just a couple days after he got here. He was so used to being a homeless shelter dog that it didn’t phase him at all.

When he went today he’d been here for a month. He’s settled in. He’s got cushy dog beds, and a cushy couch with pillows. Going to the adoption center was not on his agenda. He doesn’t need adoption. He’s home, right?

He was very nervous after skipping breakfast (they ask we do not feed in the morning so as not to have accidents) and then going into a crate in a room with other dogs. Why am I here again? What did I do wrong? I’m a good dog! Don’t leave me again! 

I had to calm and center him, telling him that if his forever Mom and Dad didn’t come for him today that I’d be back. He didn’t understand the words, but he did know I wasn’t just dumping him. Dogs are like two year olds without much in the line of language skills. The volunteers there are very good with the dogs, loving on them all day long.

The wee little doggie and I went home and played like we can’t play when Sam is around. He does not understand that WLD and I have our own routine that he is not a part of and although we like him he is disruptive to the way we have lived for years. We cannot play with Sam around – he wants to play with her, of course.

I cleaned the wood floors to a high shine, vacuumed, and went through the house with Febreeze because it is too hot and humid to air the place out. WLD and I went shopping together at Bed Bath and Beyond. I can’t take Sam because, although he’s much better, he’s still pretty much a barbarian compared to McKinley. After we got home we played again. She was all tuckered out by then and took a dog nap.

About 3 p.m. I figured Sam didn’t get selected. How do I know? They’re supposed to call me. I had to get him at 4 so I finished up chores and the WLD and I took off for the adoption center.

I went to where I’d left Sam and there was no Sam. Well, that was confusing, since they didn’t call to say, “Woo hoo! He’s been adopted!

We  found him. He’d been moved to a smaller crate on a table in another room. Sam didn’t make the cut after all. 😥

A volunteer named John helped me out with him and said everyone there loved The Book of Sam, that they’d never seen anything like it before. I told him Sam is on a blog, Facebook, and Twitter because I want Sam to get a good home.

He said Sam is popular and everyone there just loves him. This begs the question of why an adopter doesn’t love him enough to take him home forever.

Our Sam was ecstatic to get back because there was food! And chew toys. And familiar things. It is a pretty nice place as far as dog homes go.

I notice that there’s a new dusting of red dog hair on the dark wood floors. IMG_1941I’ll Swiffer it tomorrow. (Interesting how a trade name is now becoming a verb.)

Sam is relaxed now with lots of water and food in his tummy. He’s had a relaxing time in a dog bed and on the couch. He feels safe.

The longer he is here the harder it will be for him when he leaves. I do not want him to be afraid to be at the center. I do not want him to bond so tightly here the it is a major loss for him when he goes. He deserves a good home for a very gentle, loving, lovable dog.

I still think with some work he would be a bang-up therapy dog. I wonder if I can get financing for training for him.


Not Adopted (sad face)

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