Dog gone wild while you were at work

Today I attended a remote meeting of the East Texas Writers Guild at a Tyler Area Senior Center in Whitehouse, Texas. There we study both writing memoir and writing in general.

The five minute writing exercise of the day was writing to a prompt. Mine was: Dog gone wild while you were at work. Is that me or not? 😀

There was fluff–everywhere. Not the normal “let’s gut the stuffed toys fluff.” No, it was more along the lines of “your couch is probably gone now.”     

José the oversized Mexican Hairless danced at the door. His tongue hung out out of his mouth, thickly coated in green batting. Did my couch have that color stuffing in it?


Sadie yipped softly. She sat in my chair at the table, looking as if she were part Christmas tree and part Maltese. Her eyes were sort of bugged out and she had a panicked pant thing going on.

Apparently, her newest foster brother was a little more difficult than the normal foster.

Peering into the living room I was relieved to find the couch in one piece. But new throw pillow, that said It’s not a home without a dog was shredded. Strands of wheat and maroon fabric hung like tinsel down the back of the couch. Piles of green batting grew from the cushions like misshapen toadstools after a spring rain.

So, José needs to be in a crate when I leave. Good to know.

That’s fiction. Got a dog story? Or a fictional dog story? 😀

Dog gone wild while you were at work

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