Mr. Sam Goes Home – Forever!


I had hopes. I had dreams. I had a feeling. I had an opportunity for some great head shots this morning. Memories.

Mr. Sam was adopted by a wonderful family at 4 p.m. today! He will have everything I dreamed of for him. I got to be there (I was there to pick him up when the news came in). I met his Mom and hugged her and thanked her and teared up a little and told her that he was just the best dog and I knew they were going to love him. I met one of the daughters and hugged her too. They are a family who has adopted from SPCA before – so he will have animal siblings.

It was family decision. They spent most of the day with him. They decided together. He’s got a dream family and a dream house and… I am so happy for Sam. I am so happy for his new family. This is just the best news!

The Book of Sam in foster care ends here. Now the Book of Sam for the rest of his life takes over. His new family has The Book of Sam now. Maybe they will add to it.

Good dog, Sam! Good dog! You’ll have a wonderful life from here on out, Sam! Home at last. Forever. (happy sniffles)

Thanks to Grove of the Golden Leaves in New Hampshire for doing energy work for him to find his home during their celebration of Mean Foghamar (Mabon) Autumn Harvest. It took a week. It worked. You’re awesome!

Mr. Sam Goes Home – Forever!

2 thoughts on “Mr. Sam Goes Home – Forever!

  1. Oh Sam! Yay. Your family is so lucky to have you and you are so lucky to have them. Your foster mom was also lucky to have you for this little while, and we were lucky that she shared you with us. We will miss you. Have a long, happy life in your forever home. xoxoxo

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake and Mom


    1. I told his new mom, “You are so lucky to find him.” I also thanked her. I was thrilled when he walked away and never looked back. He’s finally home! (happy sniffle). I hope I see him at DogToberFest here soon. If not, that is okay too. He’s home now. That is all that matters! (sniffle/smile)


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