Tonight We Walk Alone

It started raining midday. We needed the rain. But it was right before afternoon walk. While Sam would have powered on through (Its only rain!) McKinley is more like: OMG it’s rain! img_1551

It finally cleared around 10:30 p.m. Having done my best to drag
her out half a dozen times to at least pee, we were both a little wet and soggy (still) so I put on my pjs and was getting ready to go to bed. But, oh no – the rain stopped.

It is dark so no one can see how ridiculous I look in PJ pants with dogs with candy canes and ribbons and a mismatched top of horizontal colored lines. I never put WLD on a leash this late at night. We started walking. I’d be walking still if I had not called a halt to it. I don’t know if she really got a letch to walk or she’s looking for Sam. Up stairs, down stairs, across lawns, behind bushes, I mean… really!

We are back inside and the WLD is lying on the rug beside the door. The one I have to absorb dust, mud, and water. She’s saying: I want to go out again.

No. I am not going out again, I tell myself. One will get you two that by midnight I’ll be out in my mismatched night clothing. Unless it is raining.

Its a good thing the grounds are so well lit I don’t even need my iPhone flashlight.



Tonight We Walk Alone

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