It is Time

I doubt WLD thinks it is time to get another dog. She’s enjoying her solitude. She has her IMG_0208kibble down to graze on at any time rather than being fed twice a day. She’s a grazer. Regimentation is not for her. When another dog is here this is hard with her specialty dog food. Scarf! Num-num! Gulp! Well, gee, it was down – it was for anyone right? Meanwhile the princess is doing the slow burn.

I have a mostly full sack of dog food in the closet from Sam. It wants to be consumed. I’m an animist – deal with it. 😉

We spend a lot more time playing one-on-one. She likes that. But there are no more wild runs through the house where she and a fellow canine life-traveleIMG_1835r are cavorting with a toy. No more joyous agreements on barking at passers-by. No mutually agreed upon toy destruction. No rolling around on the floor play growling. I get down and play on the floor, but I assure you that it is not the same thing!

I’m not really into puppies so much. They’re not great companions for an 8-year-old princess. But I got an email this morning that there’s a 4-month-old Jack Russell that is on countdown. She needs a home by 4 p.m. today in order to save her life. I called this morning but the shelter was not open yet.

I just got off the phone with SPCA and left a message with the foster and adoption coordinator.

I’d have go out there after my meeting in Whitehouse. I’d get there just before deadline. I hope she has a foster before then because I hate these last minute things. It’s like getting a reprieve from the governor 5 seconds before midnight.

Maybe someone else will scoop her up as we don’t have big yard to run in. But WLD is half Jack Russell. Ain’t no Jack going down on my watch if I can help it – even if I end up having to house train a little one. McKinley helped raise her little brother, Wyatt, a full blooded Jack Russell [RIP Wyatt 😥  ]  She could do this without too much grousing.

Dogapaloosa is coming with Dogtoberfest. It is only a few miles away from me. I could go all three days easily enough. If I have foster s/he might find a furever home there.

I’ll keep you posted on who is up for adoption next. 😀

Remember: Don’t shop! Adopt! 


It is Time

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