Next Tuesday

We (WLD and I) have an appointment on Tuesday to meet at the SPCAdog-35553_960_720.png to take into foster care a Pekinese gal about the same age as WLD. She is being relinquished and I thank heavens they are taking care to give her a safe landing!

There are times owners become distressed–lose their place to live, etc. and do the right thing by placing their dog in foster care. I know a lot of people say they’d do anything rather that lose their pets, but some folks have simply nothing left to give. I’d rather see a dog fostered than starving to death. We’ve seen too many dead, emaciated, sore-covered dogs already. One fewer is a triumph.

When I was a foster care worker for children I saw parents who had lost everything and had nothing left to give. Years ago there were few shelters (certainly not in rural Idaho) and sometimes there were families with small children with no resources who were faced with the reality that foster care was their last option to care for their beloved children.

I have respect for parents who put the welfare of their children before their own needs and wants. Foster care was not easy for anyone, but the children had their needs attended to. Virtually all the parents I worked with got their lives back together and got their families back. A few went into a downward spiral I was thankful their kids didn’t have to experience. Then foster became the gateway to adoption.

I also respect dog parents who recognize their dogs need a safe place to live with food, shelter, medical care, and adequate attention. I respect people who don’t leave them to die by the side of the road or tied to fences or locked in houses.

The gal we will meet on Tuesday is an older Peke who is reportedly quiet, gentle, and enjoys other dogs. Sounds like a fit for a successful foster. 😀

She’ll also probably be a bit alarmed by being left with a stranger with a strange dog. So, assuming she isn’t adopted beforehand (always a potential possibility I’d be thrilled to hear about) McKinley will have a new buddy until we find our new foster the perfect home. Sam needed a family with a yard and other dog about his size to cavort with. This little gal will do well in the confines of a condo and the environment here.

I’ll be doing a lot of grooming! 🙂  McKinley is short-haired and does not like being brushed. A Peke is groomed or they end up as one gigantic hair mat.

I’m picking up a modestly priced doggie ramp today. Pekes are not known for their ability to do flying jumps to get on couches or beds. They have back problems like some other dogs do. I’d rather WLD not jump either, although she’s not the least bit interested in the doggie steps I got her for her birthday. Sam was happy to use the steps (when he wasn’t playing), so possibly the ramp is a better way to go.

The other possibility from this week was adopted before we got to him. Hurray! I love happy endings. ❤


Next Tuesday

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