Dogtoberfest #1

The wee little doggie and I went to Petapalooza’s Dogtoberfest today and what a grand time it was! Many Dogtoberfest-final-logo-269x300.pngvendors and lots of wonderful, friendly dogs!  There will be photos of some of the dogs and sights over the next few days.

I wanted to present something meaningful from the time we were there. What I settled on was a writer who was there for Helping Tales Publishers .

What do I get out of this? Absolutely nothing. No free book. Just some chatting time and a photo.

What can you get out of this? Books for children that tell the stories of dogs, including how to deal with the death of a beloved pet. I have no kids or grandkids young enough for these books. Maybe you do.

Why this booth? I liked the fact they didn’t have books there about everything from img_2218gibbons to ducks. He had books on dogs. This is Dogtoberfest, not Ducktoberfest. I went back to the simple booth with the guy who was all about dogs (okay, one dino book to fill out a rack), but focused on dogs.

The publisher has more than dogs for books, but they wisely focused on canines at Dogtoberfest.

The books are high quality, another important thing.

I asked the gent at the booth if I could share them on my dog blog and he was surprised, but agreed. I asked him to pick a book so I could take a photo. He is standing here with a book for young readers. He’s a member of a dog writers guild. Good for him! (Isn’t that a great smile? On the pibble and on the writer!)

A portion of the sale of each book  from this publisher goes to selected charities. Their motto is: Helping those in need, one story at a time.

Why feature a writer I’ve never met before in my life? Why not one of the shelters or the beer merchants? That’s easy. I’m a writer. Writers have the power to change the world we live in. One. Word. At. A. Time. 

Go get that young child in your life a positive book about a pet. This writer and publisher look like a great place to start. Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah are coming and there are children who would love books about dogs.



Dogtoberfest #1

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