img_2390Merlin is a temporary guest here at the DogMommy household. About 3 months old, he was found shivering next to a fence after the temperature dropped last night. He was trying to use the fence to stay warm and was very cold.

Fortunately for Merlin, he ended up at the home of an SPCA foster home. Unfortunately, it could not take him. But it got him to the SPCA main office just outside of Tyler.

He spent most of the  day there until the wee little doggie and I got him around 3 this afternoon. He cried about half the way home in the carrier kennel until I started singing lullabies to him.

When he arrived here he was terrified to leave the carrier, so I got down on the floor and played with the wee little doggie until the new little face-licker came out to join us.

Okay, Merlin’s Mom and Dad, where the dickens are you? Because this pup – who still smells of mother’s milk – is a refrigerator hound (he tried to climb in), begs at the table like a total pro (except I ignore him), and wants to be carried around like a baby doll. He’s socialized to people, but he’s afraid of dogs that bark. He’s timid and he wants to go home – so would you please call around and find him? Because clearly someone loved him. And unlike Mr. Sam, we are pretty sure this is a Smith County, Texas dog.

He’s so submissive that he’s further down on the dog totem pole than the omega dog here at the complex. That’s right, he’s the new omega. The other dog now has higher pack status.

He’s warm now – the SPCA gave him an awesome hoodie. He’s got a warm place to sleep. He’s got food and water. He is scared out of his mind to go out for a walk to eliminate, so apparently you have a yard for him that he got out of. When I have him on a leash he flips around like a trout on a hook. We’re working on that.

img_2391Right now he is completely zonked out. It has been one hell of a long day for him. And he misses you. I know you were good to him because he expects love. He knows that people are good for him. I wish you’d have chipped him. He is chipped now.

Merlin weighs five pounds. He has milk-drinking puppy breath. He has a white soul patch on his chin. He has a little bit of white one one paw. He likes to sleep on his back. He likes hanging out on the porch. He’s loving. He licks my face because he is so happy to be in a home, but he wants his own home, his own person who must be missing him.

How about it? Where are you guys?



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