Merlin Moves On

img_2422Sweet little Merlin went off to a puppy-centric foster home on Tuesday.

While he was here he learned to walk on a leash (mostly loose leash) and got a new harness to help with that.

He learned that squeaky toys were fun, not deadly enemies – and he decorated the living room with them. He even managed to start to gut one of them. Good instincts, little guy!

He worked on house-training, not always with perfect results, but vastly improved.

He was working on “gently” (not biting too hard with his razor teeth), “drop it,” and “come.”

He learned that a dog barking in the distance was not something to fear and that a dog barking close up was not going to herald The Night of the Living Dead. He learned how to bark and he learned how to howl – in that order. Although his barks were more like little “oof” sounds.

He made friends with Bonnie the Westie and Bella the Poodle, as well as learning to deal with McKinley.

In general, he was ready for his next big step into a puppy foster home where he would get lots more of what he needs while SPCA waits for his family to show up. If they don’t (someone must be missing this little hand-fed, spoiled-rotten omega boy) then he will be prepared for adoption and I’m sure he will be a popular kid who finds a home quickly.

I’d like to say McKinley misses him, but we are old ladies and he was a busy little guy. We’re recuperating. Although, I think she might miss competitive rawhide chewing. I left a piece out on the floor for her for hours and she acts as if it is not there.



Merlin Moves On

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