We’ve been fosterless for a while. There are lots of dogs, but we have rules in the condo complex about size. Almost all the adult dogs are far too large for me to foster. We’re not set up for puppies. Lots of puppies in two-packs so they get appropriate socialization. A few damaged dogs who need to be the only pet in the home.

So, we wait.

In some parts of the nation there are specialized foster placement services for elder dogs. That’s really what we’re about. Grizzled muzzles. Slow walks. Couch time. Gentle play. We’d be a good end of life destination.

So far we don’t have grizzled elders looking for a place to land. Maybe Texas is too hard on dogs. I don’t know.

It is the holiday season – there are so many that I’m not going to take a long breath and shout of the 47 different celebrations from November until January – so you’d think maybe there would be a grizzled elder foster looking for a soft place to land. Maybe we will get one for Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. We’re not picky about the holiday.

It’s been miserable here as of late. Generally, East Texas is like living inside a steam cauldron during the summer (its own form of misery) so I walk the dogs in early morning and late evening. Right now there is bone chilling cold rain and gray skies.Warnings of an Arctic air mass headed this way. Joy. The wee one only goes out in sweaters, hoodies, or raincoats (sometimes in layers) these days. Her wee little paws and ears get cold.

img_0105The dogs at the complex are all inside, bored silly because no one wants to walk in this glop. Her friend Bonnie, the West Highland Terrier, scratches at the door to go outside and then lifts little feet high because of the glop.  The lawns are saturated goo with grass sticking out of mud piles. We needed the rain, but it would have been nice to get a little at a time. Oh, well…

I hope our missing elder is inside and dreaming of spring, not shaking and shivering in a cold dog house. McKinley knows all the best ways to sleep inside. Sometimes it involves sleeping with a bolster pillow and looking very uncomfortable. But she managers. 🙂



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