Scarlett’s Ready to Go Home


Scarlett came from a rough situation where she and 7 other dogs pretty much lived outside up by Minneola, Texas. She’s had at least one litter of puppies before being rescued and neutered.

On the ride home she laid on the bench seat in the back of the car and WLD took the floor. They were both quiet little mice. 🙂

Understandably, she’s a little weirded out. She was outside – probably her entire life up until rescue. Then someone took her in, then she went to the SCPA, and now she is separated from all she knew and is here with the WLD, me, and “Auntie AJ” (my sister).

She likes the couch and chairs and dog beds (who wouldn’t?). Once she is sure you’re safe she is affectionate. Trust is built – she is doing a lot of body and face sniffing, and this this morning I got a quick face lick. She enjoys being right next to me on the couch.

She’s somewhat timid (probably pack structure issues) but she’s trusting and will make someone a splendid companion dog.

This little beauty is probably 90% black with a brown undertone, has a bit of white mostly under her chin, but a bit on her muzzle, a couple of small biscuit colored spots on her head, a white blaze, and white on her toes. The vet thinks she’s about a year old. She weighs 15 pounds, wears a size medium dog coat (it is cold here right now) and knows how to walk on a leash. AJ and I are guessing she’s part dachshund, those rose ears of hers look to be possibly a terrier or even whippet, and she might have some beagle in her from that face of hers. All American Mutt with a Mexican street-dog curly tail.

She’s house and crate trained. Her food preference is: bring it on! Kibble is great – smaller is better. This morning she ate moist food with gusto. She enjoys a little time with a rawhide chewy. Not serious chewer.

Scarlett did well with the dogs in her pack. She’s a little uncertain here and that’s to be expected as everything is new. Pocket (probably weighs 2 pounds) terrified her. Little Buster next door (probably about 6 pounds) started barking in that tiny yip of his and she was petrified. She is very submissive and was similarly afraid of Miss Bonnie the Westie this morning – Bonnie is bigger and very vocal (but sweet). It will all work out in time.

Scarlett is resting a lot and I expect she will be recuperating from all her adventures for a few days. It is pretty traumatic to be shuffled around when you’ve got the coping skills of an 18-month-old and none of the language.

WLD is happy with her although they have not started playing yet. Scarlett needs to settle in a little more for that. We have not seen Garfield the cat around (too cold for him to be out much) but I’m guessing she avoids cats as she’s non-confrontational.

Except for needing to get stabilized so she feels more secure she’s ready NOW for a permanent home. She is very gentle and will make someone a wonderful companion animal. She enjoys going out of doors and looks out the slider at the wonders of nature. When the weather moderates the porch will be accessible to her.

She deserves an indoor life with access to the outside and a calm home environment where she is treasured. She will want to be close to the new human she rescues.

If you are interested in adopting dear Scarlett you can contact SPCA of East Texas.

Scarlett’s Ready to Go Home

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