Dog Tales

McKinley took a grooming slot cancellation so Scarlett went to Petco with us. It was earlier than I had planned for her first training run on walking in public. She slipped out of her collar and tried to make a break for it. That was heart-stopping as she almost made it out the sliding glass doors.

Got her back and a fellow customer helped me get the collar back on. Darned if she didn’t slip it again. The groomer said the collar she came with is too big and can’t be made smaller, so I did the leash wrap.

A leash wrap can’t be comfy for a dog with all that breast material from nursing pups. Less discomfort than being run over by a car. I considered what I could get her that would not be a painful rub. Did not see anything there. I’m going to ask Bella’s mom where she gets those nice, soft outfits that allow for a leash attachment.

After WLD was off getting her herbal skin treatment for dry skin and quality time with Cory (she loves him, even though she hates getting groomed), Sdog-35553_960_720carlett and I made a few rounds of the store successfully. She appreciatively checked out everything on her level and she didn’t freak out at walking humans and dogs, although none got too close. The birds and ferrets didn’t scare her. Yea!

By the way, Plano, Texas people – you stole our wonderful groomer, Cory! He’s moving there to manage the groomers at Petco. I am so jealous! He assures me Sienna here is as good, but WLD and I will miss him so much. I’m thrilled he got the promotion and going to miss him a lot – so all y’all better be good to him!

Now that we’re all back home Scarlett still has little interest in playing interactively with WLD. It is a dreary, rainy day so WLD is just as happy to spend quality time on the new large dog bed (50% off!) that I picked up for her.

Scarlett still sleeps a great deal.  She likes to be in the same room with me during the day. At night she’s a couch potato. She spent all night on the couch last night snuggled in a blanket. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy.

I was able to take a rawhide chewy (too small) out of her mouth with no problem. That’s an indication she’s not in the least aggressive about food items. She is mostly a grazer (so is McKinley) so that works out well.

You can adopt Scarlett though the SPCA of East Texas.



Dog Tales

2 thoughts on “Dog Tales

    1. I think I’m going to look for a very soft harness that I can put on her before we go out. The harnesses I saw today were pretty sturdy and probably wouldn’t feel very good on all that mammary tissue. She does fight the collar now and then. Since I am usually walking both dogs simultaneously I think that probably a harness is safer. Until I find what I’m looking for I will do the leash wrap around her torso.

      It wasn’t her getting out of the collar that scared me was when she dashed through one set of double doors and almost made it through the second set and onto the driving area for the cars at the mall.

      I got a harness for a little Jack but he didn’t have any breast tissue to worry about. I got a prong collar for Sam because he wouldn’t listen otherwise. This one’s going to end up with a soft harness of some kind.


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