Update on Scarlett

At this time our antebellum girl Miss Scarlett  has staked out her places – one near where I sit at the table and one on the couch. I’m letting her sleep out of the crate tonight. She sleeps a lot – probably from the recent upheaval in her life. Sometimes she will join me at the couch and lay down near me. She’s very sweet and gentle, not intrusive. My sister says Scarlett is so quiet it would be easy to miss the fact she’s here.

Miss Scarlett  has an early stage case of heart worm being treated with antibiotics. She’s fullsizeoutput_71agood about taking her pills. It will not be long before she’s cured and this will be a part of her past. Thankfully, she’s just a bit tired, but other than that she’s not symptomatic.

There’s a remote possibility she might have a small demodicosis issue (a non-contagious mange caused by an inadequate immune system). We’re watching her to make sure the little patches don’t get worse (looks like a friction hair loss to old farm girl me). She’s been tested and has no mite activity. So it is Lotrimin ointment twice a day “just in case.”

An issue we are working on is doors. Scarlett is afraid of doors. She’s afraid on both sides of the threshold, as if Harry Dresden put an extra charge on the doorway. Harry’s a nice wizard and would never do such a thing as he loves his dog Mouse and his cat Mister (both rescues). I’ll have to share that  information with Scarlett.

She’s also afraid of car doors – mostly going in. She has an injury to a front paw and I’m wondering if she didn’t get it slammed in a door. She’s cautious and sometimes has to be helped through a door. Then suddenly she’ll find her courage and go through first. It’s a process. She’s also generally leery of cars, trucks, etc. if they are moving, which is a healthy fear. This dog will not chase a car – no worries there.

You’ll never have to worry about Scarlett running off with a stranger (like McKinley would). She’s intimidated by strangers and strange dogs. She’s clearly never been the leader of the pack. I commented to a neighbor that she’s afraid people will eat her – he observed she’s probably afraid they’ll beat her. I hope he is not right. Here everyone is very kind to her and almost all the dogs and cats here are rescue animals.

img_2812She’s found (in the huge pile of toys we have) a stuffed pumpkin she plays with. It is strictly parallel play with WLD, so far there is no direct play – just some chasing. Maybe tomorrow.  Every day she’s better adapted to being part of a new family. Sometimes she’s willing to be happily engaged with me for a few minutes before she takes another nap.

If she barks I have never heard it. When WLD barked it scared Scarlett. Now she ignores McKinley’s vocalizations.

She rides well in the car. She lies quietly on the bench seat while WLD takes the floor. She’d make a superb long-haul traveler.

She’s not super cuddly or snuggly yet (early days), but she’s solidly “there” and wants very much to be a part of the scene. She far and away prefers the front part of the house and avoids the bedrooms. Whatever makes her happy. There are dog beds in the dining room and living room and two in the bedroom. Perhaps someday she’ll drop in for a nap in the back. Or not. It is all her choice.

Today it was too cool to have the slider open much. She does enjoy going out on the enclosed porch, but McKinley is more likely to go sun herself than Scarlett is. Scarlett rests in a dog bed right next to the slider (cushy!) and looks outside. She endures her dog coat on cold days, but isn’t as passive as McKinley about getting it on – it is a journey to a destination.

It won’t be too long before this sweet girl is ready for her forever home. Next week we’ll be working on going to PetCo and other public venues so she can learn to feel more secure around people.

Scarlett is one of the wonderful animals from SPCA of East Texas. She has an adoption worker and everything. 🙂

Update on Scarlett

One thought on “Update on Scarlett

  1. Sounds like you’re doing real well, S. I was afraid of the car when I was first adopted. Now it’s just about my favorite thing in the world. You’ll get there with doors, car doors, and strangers. You’re in good, patient hands.

    Love and licks,

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