If you like to twist and shout – or dance more quietly across the room – Scarlett is happy to accommodate. She’ll wag her tail until her entire body sways in different directions at the same time. She’ll even stand up on her back paws, put her front paws on your legs, and participate in great joy.

I heard a small bark out of her this morning. WLD sounds like a small mastiff. Scarlett sounds like a tiny chihuahua. If you are looking for an intimidating watch dog this is not your girl, but she’s great at holding down the couch and flinging small stuffed toys around with glee. She particularly loves the color orange – orange balls, orange stuffies – which is unusual considering the fact dogs do not see the color orange. Go figure. Her favorites do contrast with the dark wood floors and blue carpets.

Today we were doing the morning walk and I suggested to the girls a bit of “lets move it along” since today is an overcast day and we’ve been having a lot of rain. We have standing pools of water – that much rain. Shortly thereafter I told the ladies that while they  have fur coats, I did not have a raincoat. Sploosh! Scarlett is not afraid of being caught out in the rain. WLD usually hates it, but we were far enough from home to have to get through it.

We’ll go out again after the downpour. Towels are marvelous things. It is Christmas Day
and I’d rather be wet from rain than have a foot of snow.

Dog Bless Us Every One 

Ho, ho, ho. 

Scarlett is available for adoption through the East Texas SPCA.



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