Starting to Play


Note: Click on the photo – it is a link to a short video.

WLD was divided on whether to play with Scarlett or chew on some rawhide. Scarlett is getting better at getting toys and playing. Part of it is being new to a home. Part of it is figuring out if she will get in trouble for playing. When she lets down her guard and really lets loose she’s such a happy girl.

After 7 days here I think she’d be happier in a single dog home. She wants a lot of individual attention and with more than one dog that is a problem unless there is more than one person she feels bonded to. She mostly ignores my sister AJ.

When I am on the couch she is starting to crawl across my lap as if she’s staking her claim. Sometimes being a living dog bed is not on my agenda. She will then lie next to me or pout and lay on the other side of the couch. Fortunately, McKinley is not a dog that wants a huge amount of physical contact or we’d have a conflict.

Yesterday she leaped onto the kitchen table to search for food (that was a No!) I was at the table when she did it, so no subterfuge there. “But AJ was not eating it!

Scarlett continues to be very fearful of abrupt moves and strange people or dogs.

When I go to the door and get the leash she now reports (front and center) in the same way McKinley does.

She still has issues with fear of the door. Today it brushed one back leg and she was weirded out for about five minutes and checking to make sure her leg was not going to fall off. Makes me think she got slammed in a door once upon a time.

Scarlett is available for adoption through the SPCA of East Texas.


Starting to Play

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