Yay! She’s not afraid of cats!

Scarlett met our 17.5 pound condo cat today.  She was not particularly interested and not afraid. Condo cat was raised with dogs. He gave her the eye to let her know he was not going to put up with anything and then lumbered away. It was a good test.

That’s one fear we don’t have to de-escalate because it is not there. Happy dance!

We ran into two Shiba Inus on one of our walks and I was prepared for a total freakodog-8ut. There wasn’t one. Wary, but not frantic. The other dog mom has one rescued dog that is quite timid (puppy mill rescue that is a foster failure) and one alpha dog. She can control them. I think Scarlett got that. She wasn’t wanting to go visit, but she wasn’t trying to levitate and leave. We deliberately stayed and talked for a few minutes to give Scarlett the opportunity to not be afraid. She’d been afraid of Lulu the blue heeler earlier in the day so this was a good interaction with big, powerful dogs.

Another day learning everything is not going to eat her or beat her. We will never know what happened to her to instill the fears, only help her get past them. She had a better than normal interaction with 6 pound Pocket (10 years old) who is in love with her.

While I was installing new, stronger, interior meshwork on the patio fence  (WLD destroyed the chickenwire as only a jackshund mix can) Scarlett kept me company as I unrolled the heavy black plastic mesh and zip tied it in place. When she got bored she went in and slept in the dog bed or played with WLD. It gets boring watching humans when there are no toys or food involved.

To inquire about being a forever home for Scarlett contact the SPCA of East Texas.





Yay! She’s not afraid of cats!

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