Happy New Year Scarlett

The lesson for the day is that you no longer need to glom onto wet, cold,  disgusting french fries someone lost on the sidewalk. You are no longer a starving dog, although that is part of your history.

Scarlett, dear you have a nice breakfast waiting for you at home at the end of fullsizeoutput_72bthe morning walk. Yes, sweetie, you will have good food and clean water from here on out.  You will have toys, soft pillows and blankets, and the resting  place of your choice.

You will have medication if you need it and a life where you don’t have to worry about your next meal or safe place to be.

No one will hit you and no one will hurt you if Dog Mommy has anything to say about it. And I do, because I am the alpha bitch of this pack.

Scarlett and McKinley very much enjoyed their wet food morning breakfast when we got home.  The short walk (in heavy fog that felt like a misting rain) was enjoyed by both, even if Scarlett was not allowed to eat soggy french fries.

If you are interested in adopting a sweet little velcro dog who is highly suitable for an elderly or disabled person, contact the SPCA of East Texas.

Happy New Year Scarlett

One thought on “Happy New Year Scarlett

  1. I feel ya, S. Even 7 years after Mom adopted me, I still hear the siren song of street snacks, Burger King bags, coffee lids, and puddle water. It IS good to come home to yummy kibbles, treats, and spring water. Happy 2017. This will be the best year of your life. I’m sure of it.

    Love and licks,

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