Fast Kill Heart Worm Treatment – Ow!

It has been a long road to where we’re at. Scarlett has finished her antibiotics and had two oral treatments for heart worm.

Her skin conditions have been determined to be scars from when she was bitten in the pack she ran with (smallest, omega dog). She’s not getting those bits of fur back. Fortunately, not huge areas. Also nothing contagious, itchy, or painful.

Today she got another anal gland treatment (second since Dec. 20th) and we hope that is the last one for a time. If she fills up almost immediately again they’ll take another look. Nothing looks abnormal in the GI tract.

She’s gained a little weight, which she really needs. It has been a hard life for this girl and she’s still recuperating from it by sleeping a great deal more than McKinley does.

Scarlett is still a spooky little thing, but she’s less so than she was when we got her on the 20th of December. Tincture of time and a safe and loving home is what she needs.

Today she was cleared for two days of medical torture designed to save her life. So keep her in your thoughts as she will be sedated a bit tomorrow and the next day while she’s given painful injections near her spine to kill the heart worms. She’ll be on pain meds. And considering she sleeps so much, at least she will not need to be crated to keep her quiet – she’s quiet all the time except for 8 p.m. when she prances around for a few minutes in what I call “doggie rodeo.”

Some dogs die from embolisms during this phase of treatment from bits of the worm breaking off in their blood. So please keep Scarlett in your thoughts, prayers, magical workings, energy work, remote reiki, or best intentions. She is young and this is an early stage infection so her chances for a full recovery are good.

We are seeking for a home  with an older person who is retired and looking for a quiet, devoted, velcro dog. Somewhere with a yard she can sniff around in because leashes are kind of scary if there’s much going on around her. A cat is fine. She’d be better off as an only dog due to abuse in the pack. She’s probably been abused by humans too.

Scarlett has developed separation anxiety as this may be the first time in her life she’s ever felt safe and Dog Mommy = safe, warm, water, food.  That said,fullsizeoutput_731 she wants to be on the couch with her blanket most of the time unless she is lying in a dog bed near me. If you want her security blanket I will give it to you. Because she’s more important than a blanket.

You can adopt Scarlett through the SPCA of East Texas. If you want a home visit at Dog Mommy’s home we can arrange that rather than the Saturday adoption clinic. You’ll see more of who she is. This can easily be arranged through SPCA.

After her heart worm treatment she will be heart worm free and needs only a blood test in 6 months.

If you know of an older or disabled adult who is seeking a gentle and loving lifetime companion, please tell them about Scarlett.

Fast Kill Heart Worm Treatment – Ow!

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