Day One Recovery

Scarlett is home and sleeping. Deeply. As in eyes rolled back in head so she looks like a zombie. She’s totally zoned out on Rimadyl. That’s good because her back clearly hurts.

When I went to pick her up they said, She’s spoiled! We had to feed her warmed wet dog food to get her to eat. She has to eat to take her pill! She won’t eat cold wet dog food!

I gave a big grin and said, That’s what she gets every morning. You guys provide the kibble. I provide the room temperature wet dog food. McKinley gets it, so Scarlett gets it. She’s not a step-child. Dog Mommy scores again. 😉

Tomorrow Scarlett gets her warm wet dog food and a pill before going back for her last treatment.

She can’t jump because of her sore back. I help her into and out of the car. She img_2391wanted up on the couch so I got out the steps that McKinley and Sam eschewed and taught her how to use them. If your back hurts bad enough those little steps look good. Now she’s on the  couch wrapped up in her security blanket. I wanted her not to be trapped there so — steps.

She’s pretty sore, but she’s dealing because she’s mostly unconscious. And she’ll be medicated for three days after tomorrow so she’s going to be getting in more zzzz’s than usual.

No running. No playing tug – I’m not sure she could. No panting for six weeks. For awhile keeping her down will be easy. By the end of the six weeks it could be daunting, but we will manage.

McKinley was happy to see her. Scarlett was happy to see us, even as sore and doped up as she is. Someone finally came back for her.

Last night, for the first time, she abandoned the couch to sleep in the bedroom on the giant dog bed I got right before Christmas. It is large enough for several small dogs.

She’s getting friendlier with Auntie AJ and she’s starting to settle in. Once she’s all healthy again it will be time her forever home. She’s going to be the light of someone’s life.

Velcro dog seeks forever home with calm, loving homebody, preferably an older person who loves sitting with a gentle little doggie. To adopt Scarlett contact the SPCA of East Texas. You’re going to fall in love with her.


Day One Recovery

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