Ongoing Recovery

Except for having a sore back – and I can tell it’s sore because she keeps trying to nibble at it – Scarlett is doing remarkably well post injections.

In fact, she gets positively spunky and active from time to time, much to Dog Mommy’s dismay. She’s supposed to remain very quiet, never run, not play, and not pant to prevent potential embolism problems.

Dogs assume you are nuts if you kindly explain they cannot play, run, jump, or img_2812bounce. McKinley and Scarlett are well past the quiet, parallel play point. They have developed a friendly relationship that includes some doggie rodeo, doggie wrestling, and doggie tug of war. Scarlett has even deigned to sleep on one of the dog beds in my room these days, having deserted the couch. Maybe because her back hurts and she’d rather stay on the floor that walk up the steps to the couch or jump on the couch.

She’s got one more day of painkiller. After that I have a hunch we may have a full scale rebellion going over the medically required “very restricted activity for 6-8 weeks.”

Scarlett has a lot of puppy left in her. She can get puppy active when it comes to running and playing, giving me a wicked little kid look as I try to stop her. Those eyes! Since I’m not crating her, she wears a leash most of the time and if I’m writing in the dining room she’s got the leash hooked over the handle of the sliding glass door. She’s got enough room to get wound around the legs of the chair I’m sitting on, but not enough to get a running start down the hallway. She envies WLD her mad dashes down the hall after Auntie AJ.

We are going for short walks, easy enough to convince them to curtail walks in the icy weather we’ve been having. Enough to get potty needs attended to, not enough to get her heart racing. That’s going to end when the temp hits the 70’s later in the week.

If you are interested in adopting dear Scarlett, she is available through the SPCA of East Texas.


Ongoing Recovery

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