Losing her mind

This is the first day without pain medication to slow Scarlett down. She has now officially lost every marble she ever owned  with the need to keep quiet. I did some research and found out that slow walking is OK, which is good because that’s what I need to get her to potty. So I took her and McKinley on a longer slow walk today since it’s now 70 degrees and not 16 (brrr).

McKinley, of course, was so excited to be out and around she was ready to run for a mile. Scarlett, however was content to walk. Only now that we are back she is letting me know that she is tired of sleeping. She is tired of being tied to the door next to me to keep her from playing with McKinley. She is tired of being short leashed to my bed so I know where she is at night.

She has now reached that level of comfort where she will bark at me to let me know she wants something – and boy does she want something! She wants to run. She wants to play.

So we are now having conversations. I cannot let you run or you could die. To which Scarlett says, If I don’t run pretty soon I will die of boredom. And I have to say, That’s not the same kind of die, sweetie.  At which point she rolls her eyes at me, tosses her head, wags her tail and barks. 🤔

So here we have a wiggly, blurry picture of Scarlet saying: I want to play. Now!

Losing her mind

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