We’re turning a corner

Today Scarlett saw a neighbor (Bonnie the Westie’s Dad) walk up to us and didn’t freak. She watched McKinley trot up and ask for a pat. Then she quietly walked up, tail at half mast, and waited to see if she’d get a pat. She did. She wagged her tail on the way back to Dog Mommy. Good girl, Scarlett! By the way, her “happy tail” is in a full circle of joy with white hairs at the tip that ruffle her black coat.

Later she saw rowdy, vocal, slightly intimidating (to her) Bonnie the Westie and did not panic. She stood quietly by me as McKinley greeted her friend.

She’s spending more time with her Auntie AJ and looking for affection. In fact, AJ took a nice photo of her to send to all her friends. (Lettering by Dog Mommy)fullsizeoutput_766

President’s Day will be her freedom from quiet time day. We’re on a countdown of days to stay relatively quiet.

She’s eating well. She’s resting a lot. She enjoys spending time with McKinley on walks. She’s getting more and more outgoing with strangers or relative strangers. She’s house trained, would rather be with you than in a crate, but is crate trained, and enjoys gutting stuffed toys. She will let you handle her feet. She loves tummy rubs. She’s got beautiful eyes and a beautiful face.

Before we know it she will be up for adoption. Her brother, Rhett, was adopted last weekend (he had fewer issues than she does).

You can adopt Scarlett through the SPCA of East Texas. We’re going to miss this girl when she’s gone to her forever home.


We’re turning a corner

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