Scarlett’s Trying Day

Another vet visit for Scarlett. She had to have another rather painful treatment. When she’s in that position she gives up all hope and simply shuts down – does not even cry. However, we have great hopes that this anti-inflammatory treatment will help her anal gland problem and avoid surgery. 
Dog Mommy has been very insistent Scarlett must have allfullsizeoutput_786 her health problems resolved. We have great hopes this will be the last painful experience in her life. She’s had enough.
The waiting room was full of dogs, mostly friendly, a few as shut down as Scarlett. Dog parents simply comfort when that happens.
There was five-month-old puppy that I remember being part of a litter of doxie-terrier mixes  dumped in a box beside a road. She was there with her dog mommy getting a weight check. How wonderful to see how these little ones bloom when adopted early into nurturing homes. I’d thought perhaps Scarlett would like her since she’s been a mother No deal. McKinley played with the puppy endlessly.
Scarlett did not interact with any of the dog parents there until one woman came in and sat close to us. McKinley wiggled and wriggled and danced in joy so Scarlett crept out on her belly to see if she, also could get a pat. She did. Then she crawled back under the bench seat. Great work for a totally overwhelmed little dog.
Progress comes slowly and in small increments, but it comes.
Someone asked why I bring McKinley. “Because it would be too overwhelming for Scarlett without her. She looks to McKinley to let her know it is safe.” A socialized dog can be a blessing to an unsocialized dog. McKinley now frets a bit when Scarlett is removed for medical care because it is her job to watch out for her foster sister.
On the way home we stopped and got new dog toys at PetSmart. They had a sale on stuffed hearts – so we came home with a sack full.
Scarlett will be available for adoption through the SPCA of East Texas. I’m not sure when. Probably not soon since we’re still working on fear based behaviors. She is a gentle lamb and deserves the best of homes. Until then, she’s here – for however long it takes.
Scarlett’s Trying Day

3 thoughts on “Scarlett’s Trying Day

    1. Scarlett says: Dog Mommy keeps saying maybe this will be the last time I have to go. I sure hope so! I can’t take my foster sister in back with me and she’s my security blanket now. I’m also afraid Dog Mommy and McKinley might not be there when I get out. I’m so happy when they are there!


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