Scarlett Stays Put For Now

Well, looks as if our girl will be here for a few more months. Poor gal just cannot catch a break. She is going to need more surgery and that will have to wait at least four months after her heartfullsizeoutput_71aworm treatment because she can’t be safely sedated until then.

This might have happened to her even if she had not been neglected and abused. Until then she will be seen at the SPCA Snippet Clinic every week or two in order to keep her comfortable.

I suppose it is all for the good since she’s still got work to do to be ready to be a companion dog. She wants to be a companion dog – she’s ready to be the love of someone’s life, but her behaviors are not quite where they need to be yet. Not unless another devoted Dog Mommy wanted to take her home and cosset her for the foreseeable future.

This morning a picture fell off the wall and clattered on the floor. Scared her so bad I had to feed her the rest of her breakfast by hand. I don’t let a dog that was starved at one point in her life miss a meal for a variety of reasons. Today has therefore been loud and unexpected noise followed by treat day. By this afternoon I could clap my hands loudly behind her and while she jumped she did not flip out. I hope over time that big bangs mean: run to human for a good time.

McKinley is doing her bit to help Scarlett go from feral to companion. And Scarlett adds life to McKinley’s existence, so it is a fair trade.

Scarlett will be available for adoption through the SPCA of East Texas. She is spayed, heart worm free, getting her health profile back in order, walks on a leash, is learning humans are not evil things, is now happy to chase a squirrel instead of run from it, and enjoys darting at birds. She enjoys playing with stuffed toys, loves pillows and blankets, and is a happy goofball.

If you are looking for a dog and want a devoted pet for life, please remember: ADOPT, don’t SHOP!  I found out a pet store here in town is selling pups from one of the WORST puppy mills in the country. Please, do not buy a dog from a puppy mill. Just say NO!  There are dogs every day who are euthanized because of the lack of a loving home. Scarlett is one of the lucky ones. She has Dog Mommy, her Auntie AJ, and McKinley looking out for her as long as is necessary for her to find her forever home. If you don’t buy puppy mill pets animals will stop being tortured to provide pets for you. Please, adopt! ❤




Scarlett Stays Put For Now

2 thoughts on “Scarlett Stays Put For Now

  1. Thanks, Cupcake. I don’t know I’m still sick. In fact, today I went dashing through the house, caught my foot on an area rug, did a two point summersault, and landed in a dog bed with a thump. Mom keeps laughing. I think I deserve a 10, but she says it’s only an 8 because I didn’t mean to become a gymnast. I have to go play now. There are delicious stuffed toys to tear apart. Want to share? – Scarlett

    She’s just fine – not a hair harmed in that crazy dog-fail. I would have given anything for a video of that. – Dog Mommy


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