Figure out the breed

As of late, my sister and I have been trying to figure out Scarlett’s breed contributors. It got started when I found out her collar was tearing up the hair on her neck – in fact, it left scabs. No more collar – just her harness. And now it will be at least two weeks – until all the scabs are healed – before she can get groomed.

Scarlett has a smooth coat. It is mostly brindle black/brown with a small bit of enlight1white. Her hair is wiry around the nape of the neck, but there’s not much of it. When we had Sam, the Dachshund in him was obvious. His coat was a lot like Scarlett’s only his was sturdier. McKinley, on the other hand, has a plush double coat that is velvety.

McKinley has what I call a “fox face” with a pointed muzzle and prick ears. Scarlett has more of the block face of a bully breed. I did a little looking around and there are, apparently, miniature pit bulls. She’s also got a wider stance than delicate McKinley who has the gracile features of a Jack Russell. Scarlett has a wider stance like a bully breed, and with her “block head” it’s quite likely she has some of that type of genetic contribution. She’s also a bit long in the body for her legs so there is probably some Doxie in there.

She’s got a curly tail that completely flips in a circle. While I was looking for bulldog type breeds I came across pugs. My daughter has a Puggle (Pug/Beagle) and I remember that both of those breeds have a smooth, slick coat. The pug has a curly tail.

Our best guess is that Scarlett is a mix with some Doxie, some sort of bulldog that isn’t very large, or some other square bodied dog like a pug, and possibly a bit of miniature pit bull.

Whatever her origins, she’s our delicate flower. The people at the Snippet Clinic have seen her so often with her various problems (heartworm and anal gland causing the most trips) that my repeatedly bringing her out for care caused them to say, “Who knew she was such a delicate flower? She was running with the big boys in a  dog pack.” Of course, that’s easy enough to answer – no one would have known she had a sensitive stomach, or was suffering from badly inflamed anal glands, or had heart worm. She was alone. Abandoned. Living off what she could scavenge. Her pain was her own.

We still have more trips to the vet to wind up her anal gland treatment. But no impending surgery – just dogged determination to get her system working right.

No matter whether she’s a breed of space alien or part wilting violet, she’s a sweet girl. She’s so happy and so eager to please. She even sometimes responds to her name. She always responds to a warm and welcoming voice.

Scarlett is now good friends with McKinley. They walk so sweetly together (see the video) and play with toys or wrestle on the floor. They will even share a treat from the same dish. She’s available for adoption from the SPCA of East Texas.



Figure out the breed

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