Fear Testing

Scarlett has come a long way in her recovery from abuse and neglect. Understandably, she isn’t used to things that vibrate, make noise and flap. Some of them even make McKinley nervous – like those weird inflating/deflating figures used for advertising.

We walk regularly at an outdoor mall called The Village. Since they’ve started doing extensive work building new stores, it has been harder to take our regular walk from the fountain to the playground and back because of earth moving equipment, construction workers, and – horror of horrors – caution tape.

I keep taking her back to the scene of the crime, often on days without workers or moving equipment, but the tape does her in. Not that her adoptive home will have caution tape, but it is a way to help her become more confident.

Today we made it almost all the way down to the playground. The wind was blowing hard. The caution tape, had it been wider, would have taken off for Dallas like a wind sail. It flapped and strained and the wind made a howling noise. Scarlett gave it a few worried glances, but since McKinley and I were ignoring it, she scuttled along, tail at half mast, and made it through the walk. Had they not been spraying for bugs (or something equally toxic) by the playground we’d have finished it. I was the one who made the executive decision to take a detour.

She walked. She did not bolt. She took some time to sniff grass with McKinley. She did not obsess about where the car was because she knows she’s not being dumped.

I’m so proud of her!fullsizeoutput_786

Scarlett is still doing a little bit with the vets at SPCA but soon she will be released for adoption.

She’s a good, good girl. She needs structure in her days (and nights), but she is a very loving girl for the right home. We all need structure, right? And hugs, kisses, blankets, pillows and happy licks?

You can learn more about her through the SPCA of East Texas.

Fear Testing

2 thoughts on “Fear Testing

  1. LOL – today I am ready to change her name to Fagin. She has become a pickpocket. An adroit one at that! I laughed my head off, but only because I caught her red-handed (red-lipped?) with a protein bar from my jacket pocket in her mouth.

    She also walked on a fairly quiet street today for a little way. Because she needs to learn how to do that as well. Scarlett is coming along. 😀


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