Scarlett’s spa day

Normally when you see Scarlett her coat is now fully in, but it looks dull. She’s had a rough life and her coat has reflected it. 

Today, for the first time in her life, she got a day at the dog spa. The groomers gave her a medicated bath and they scrubbed her up good. And then they brushed her out well. And because they know that she is an SPCA dog and that I wanted some really nice pictures taken after words, they use show dog grooming spray to make her coat shiny

I don’t have a professional photographer on hand to set her up to take beautiful pictures with her. But she’s such a compliant girl that she let me put her on some grass about as high as my head so that I could get a good shot of her and she was very good about staying. 

The pet groomers said of her behavior that she was “perfect” which is nothing less than what I expected.

She is now seeing the vet every other week instead of every week so we are making progress with her anal gland issues. And she is really very much at home now and fully settled in. 

Here is Scarlett right before the storm today. Not the best light because there’s clouds, not sun. I still believe that you can tell her coat is looking really good. She looks relaxed and attentive rather than terrified. It’s all good. 

Scarlett’s spa day

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