Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Scarlett is back with SPCA for further evaluation and a new placement that better suits her needs.

While she was a joyous little gal with a heart of gold, this was not the right location for her. I’m in a densely populated area with many strangers and dogs that come and go. No matter how hard she tried, Scarlett just could not let go of fear and feral behaviors. It was unfair to her to keep pushing past her breaking point just to get through the day.

The good news is:

  • She learned her name
  • She learned to walk on a leash
  • She learned to play with toys
  • She decided inside is MUCH better than outside
  • She has every intention of being someone’s best friend for life
  • She became friends with McKinley
  • She got a professional grooming
  • She learned to bark (a little) to get attention
  • She’s 95% house and crate trained
  • She has learned to love blankets, dog beds, and pillows

What I’m hoping she can find is:

  • A home with a fenced back yard and a dog door so she can go in and out as she needs
  • That fenced back yard can provide her with more security when she’s out of doors – which means severely limiting her interactions with strange people and dogs
  • An adult who needs a boon companion all the time
  • One other small and non-agressive dog to play with
  • Lots of stuffed and rawhide chew toys

Scarlett was understandably unhappy to go back to the animal rescuer who first picked her up. BUT, she does need to learn how to be with people other than Dog Mommy.  And they can do a health and behavioral check to make sure she’s healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

It seems oddly quiet here with just Wee Little Doggie and me. No brain surgery ongoing with a stuffed bear. IMG_3197

I find myself wanting to call and ask how she is doing. That will only prolong the feelings of loss. She had a safe landing with me, and she’s in the arms of love with Keri at SPCA. It will be okay. Trusting the process.

We’re going to kick back for a few weeks before taking on a new foster. I have some walking to do with the WLD. 🙂

McKinley seems to be taking Scarlett’s leaving okay. She is, after all, the queen of my heart.


Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

2 thoughts on “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

  1. I’m so sorry that Scarlett didn’t find a forever home to go to – straight from your loving home. You did a great job with her. We enjoyed being along for the ride and as always from our first glimpse of her are sending prayers and happy thoughts your (and her) way.

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  2. Good news! She has a more rural foster home already and seems to be doing great! So happy!

    She is sweet and we miss that wiggle butt, however, her welfare comes first and I am hoping that this step takes her all the way to where she needs to go to get that golden ring – the furever home. She’ll always have a place in our hearts. I gotta say, when she was happy she was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. May all her days see that response from here on out.


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