The McKinley Tales

Life moves on. McKinley misses Scarlett, but with some variations in scheduling old routines get altered and expectations change.

I found the Rose Rudman Trail and we go there for walks, weather and time permitting. We could never have taken any of the fosters without problems. Scarlett would have been hysterical. Merlin was just a puppy. Mr. Sam was hard to manage. So it’s the two of us.  “Just the two of us, We can make it if we try, Just the two of us…just you and I.” (A nod to Bill Withers & Grover Washington)

The trail is something entirely new to McKinley. No traces of dogs she’s known. We will have months of new experiences to get her mind back to focusing on “just the two of us.” Note to self: New dose of flea and tick killer is due. She does to go under trees and bushes – prime tick territory.

Today was a stormy day, so no long walk. In fact, after this fullsizeoutput_a05photo was taken we had a thunder boomers, lighting flashes, torrential rain, and hail about half the size of ping-pong balls. Miss McKinley was doing her “Oh, my God, we’re all going to die!” dance of distress.  I did note that she got over the trauma/drama at the same time the birds outside announced the story was over by tweeting loudly .

She is sleeping the sleep of the just tonight, having put in hours of pacing and panting today, doing her best to warn us of impending danger. Poor girl.

No, thunder shirts don’t help. Bach flowers essence Rescue Remedy? Not that either. I’ve got a box of expensive herbal and odor remedies that are useless. I ordered a dog sling and assuming there’s another storm (there’s ALWAYS) another storm, I’ll put her in the sling and see if that helps.

Scarlett (and Sam for that matter) were not bothered by storms. They had other issues. McKinley hates storms. We all gotta have a quirk.

In a month or so, when we’ve had time to set our lives to right then it will be time to IMG_6246foster again. In between we have new memories to make. New trails to walk. I’m thinking Galveston. Because, why not? WLD loves to travel. There are beaches and things to do.


The McKinley Tales

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