I’m many things. A daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, former social worker, webmaster, and attorney, and present day blogger, author, and dog mommy.

In my spare time I write, fiddle with iphoneography, love on dogs, and … did I mention writing?

Shameless self-promotion follows: You can find some of my short stories in an anthology by the East Texas Writers Guild (all proceeds go to the Guild) not to be confused with the local writers association. Some of my legal writing is out there, but unless you want to write a bar question or read an old law review article it’s not worth your time.

I’m working on revision of a family history, a memoir, and an urban fantasy. Since the weather in the summer in Texas resembles being inside a blast furnace (we had a heat index of 110 today) I have lots of indoor time to write if I get myself off Facebook.

I’ve also been asked if I’d write some bang-up descriptions on dogs seeking adoption at the SPCA because I can write something informative that will keep people in stitches – without the needle and thread.