The Book of Sam

Mr. Sam’s life as told by his foster mother
copyright 2016 by Foster Mom and Mr. Sam
Sam came into her life through SPCA of East Texas

Mr. Sam’s first day in foster care

There was a dog, which is God spelled backwards. (A hint to those of us who receive the love of dog), and this dog came unto the Earth from the holy land of Texas – we think. His early days obscured in the mists of time, his legend may never be revealed to man – or dogs, for that matter.

And in the days of the Earth he was named. Perhaps Albert or George, but in Tyler, his

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name became Mr. Sam. Sam to his friends and neighbors. Sam was never picky about names as long as the voice uttering them was loving. Sam became a word meaning Love. He loved cats, dogs, birds, lizards, and humans of all shapes and sizes.

Good dog Sam was kindness in the fur. Sometimes unhappy dogs snapped at him while he was walking with his foster family. Sam turned the other cheek and asked, “What’s wrong buddy? Why are you upset? Don’t you know the answer to life is not fear or anger, but love?” This is how Sam taught his new Chihuahua friend Pocket to love without judging.

Sam was Mr. Cool who did not fear loud noises such as thunder nor did he fear lightning. When his foster sister feared rain, he stayed with her, distracting and calming her. Sam was always levelheaded.

He did not chew on cords, shoes, or any item not designated as dog toys. He loved balls, but sometimes crushed them by mistake. Oops! He loved squeaky toys and stuffed toys he could disembowel, as befits his breed. He did guard his food from the potential thievery of his foster sister, but was never food aggressive. In fact, this gentle dog allowed his foster mother to remove food and rawhide chewies from his mouth, and he submitted knowing she did this for love of him. And never once did he snap or resist, being the best of dogs.

His foster mother said, “Sam is happy to work for his dinner. He will sit in exchange for food. He takes morsels gently from the hand. Sam enjoys all manner of tidbits including flax muffins, hard-boiled eggs, steamed sweet potato bits, and other offerings.”

Great joy did Sam take in the out of doors, and walking, even going so far as turning his img_0264leash into a doggie sweatband. And he did his utmost to relieve himself on three or four long walks each day. Had his foster mother been a hiker that would even have been better.

Weather permitting, Sam loved to spend time on the enclosed porch – a back yard would have been awesome. There he watched people, birds, lizards, dogs, cats, and other animals who walked by. Some he greeted with the song of their people and some he greeted in play bow manner.

All the humans who met Sam marveled over him, saying what a wonderful dog he was. They would ask his foster mother, “Why don’t you adopt him?” She replied, “Sam’s family is waiting for him and they don’t know he’s on his way. He deserves to know the joy of bonding with his intended human partner. They deserve Sam’s full devotion. He will love them the rest of his life and they will be the richer for it.”

Further did his foster mother speak, “Sam is full of compassion for the suffering of others. He cares for the weak and meek. He does not fight. He loves to play. He wants only to bring great joy to the motherless puppy and the lost kitten, and to all who suffer or need in this world. As a bonus, he will dry you with his tongue after your shower, being willing to be your dog tongue towel.”

His foster mother recognized Sam is an emotional support dog in search of his person. She inquired of the handlers of service dogs what training Sam needed to complete hIMG_1898is mission.

Not all dogs are natural service or emotional support dogs. Sam is such a dog. And with the right care and training he will provide many years of devotion to his true person. For Sam has a true companion who needs him and is waiting for him.

There came a day when Sam went on his way, to his new adventure, to the love of his life,
to his family, to his person. And that person is now reading the Book of Sam. Sam will forever be loved and his memory cherished by his foster mother and foster sister. They will think of him with joy, and be thankful he has found his furever family, his real Mom and Dad. [1]

For the Book of Sam can only end in joy.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Sam’s last foster photo on September 24, 2016               The look of love

To read more about Sam you can find descriptions of his life in foster care at

If you want more information about Sam, just comment there and I’ll be in touch.

Sam was adopted on Sept. 24, 2016 – he got everything I dreamed of. Good boy, Sam! ❤ Your life is going to be overflowing with love, kindness, and family.

[1] Sam will be remembered for his kindness by his dog friends in Tyler: Bonnie, Chloe (a service dog), Bella, Bailey, Pocket (whom Sam taught love was better than fear and aggression), Winston, his foster-sister McKinley, and by Condo Cat, also known as Garfield the Magnificent.

Now, let’s have a party! Sam is HOME!